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The SMAART™ Model is an innovative informatics approach that facilitates Prevention, Monitoring, Referral and Management of chronic diseases (Ashish Joshi, 2012).
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Facilitates a web enabled, cell phone enabled and standalone Portable Health Information Kiosk (PHIK) program that can be implemented in diverse settings PHIK description

Components of SMAART™ Model:
  • Multidimensional Data Assessment
  • Tailored Risk Profile
  • Generates Health Card
  • Personalized Self Management
  • Reinforcement and Feedback
  • Continous Progress Monitoring
  • Health Communication
  • Interactive Health Education
  • Shared Decision Making
Metabolic Syndrome

One of the applications of SMAART™ Model is aimed to address the growing burden of Metabolic Syndrome (MetS)

  • MetS is a widely prevalent and multi-factorial disorder. Burden of MetS is growing both in developing and developed countries
  • MetS is a constellation of physiological and biochemical abnormalities characterized by diabetes or high fasting glucose, central obesity, abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and hypertension